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The Kaizen Clinic — No Needles, No Drugs, No Pain
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Chronic Viral Illnesses – ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia etc.

Please read about our Unique Money Back Guarantee below

It’s true, your ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia no longer has to be endured or managed. Due to a major breakthrough in the treatment of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia by the Bedford based ME Treatment Clinic, we believe that it is now possible to undo the life-ruining impact of these debilitating conditions in a pain-free, needle-free and drug-free way once and for all.

The ME Clinic Treatment Programme™ has been running successfully for well over 6 years and over and over again has proved its undoubted effectiveness.

ME Treatment Clinic Senior PractitionerSenior Practitioner Greg Wimbourne explains; “This is not a symptom-suppression plan, it is not a dietary management system, nor is it some sort of “faddy” exercise plan or some sort of “mind over matter” technique. This is a direct and targeted treatment, based on one single, simple principle – eliminating the causes of these complaints”.

Two Simple Steps To ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Elimination

There are essentially only two simple steps to the treatment programme.

Step 1: The ME Treatment Programme begins by tracking down and then confirming what is actually causing your symptoms.

Note: These causes are (almost without exception) found to involve a combination of viral infections. But we have also found that there can be also be underlying parasitical and bacterial infections involved as well.

Step 2: The ME Treatment Clinic then treats (or should I say kills) these pathogens (viruses, parasites, bacteria etc), using very much the same principles that are used in immunology.

Note: In other words, in the same way as someone who has been bitten by a venomous snake is treated with an “anti-venom” made from the venom of the snake; by treating the patient with derivatives of the actual causal pathogens that are causing the ME / CFS and Fibromyalgia we are able to eliminate those very same agents. Thus, logic dictates, if the causal pathogen(s) which caused the original condition is/are no longer present the symptoms must disappear.

No More Causes = No More Symptoms

So, once the actual pathogens, which are at the root of all your ME/CFS and Fibromyalgic symptoms, have been removed, they can no longer give you the symptoms (as they are no longer there) and, logically (if we have eliminated all of the causal pathogens of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia) your condition will improve.

The end result is a return to full health with no more fears of having no energy to live a normal existence. No running out of steam before you’ve even started; No watching the world and time go by without you; No more fears of succumbing to every cold bug, every tummy upset and every other illness you seem to catch so easily, and take so long to recover from; No more worries about not venturing out because you know that it will take so many more days to recover from the exertion that it’s not worth the physical cost; and an end to the constant fear of the next ME/CFS or Fibromyalgic flare up.

Significant Improvement within 3 months



The ME Clinic Treatment Programme Guarantee
Significant Improvement within 3 months


Probably the most startling element about the ME Treatment Programme is the fact that we are so confident of our success, we promise that if, in your view, the ME Treatment Programme has not been able to significantly improve your condition within three months we will refund the cost of your treatment in full!


Greg Wimbourne – Senior Consultant


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Will It Work For Me?

As already mentioned, the ME Treatment Clinic™ has trialed the programme for over 6 years with great success. However, because we understand that each individual is different, we are fully aware that the programme may not work for everyone. This is another reason why we offer our full money back guarantee.

Senior Practitioner, Greg Wimbourne, once again: “We want anyone who is suffering from ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia to be able to join the treatment programme without hesitation or scepticism, and knowing that they are not wasting their money.

We know that many ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia sufferers have tried lots of other routes, been promised countless cures and almost certainly spent an awful lot of money, time and anguish having their hopes of recovery dashed over and over again.

We offer our money back guarantee as much for reassurance as insurance for our patients. We want people to know that we are confident we can finally get rid of their ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia which many have had for years.

Suddenly they’re thinking “Hey, maybe this will work. These guys must be very sure of themselves if they offer to give our money back if it doesn’t work”. And the fact is…We are.”

Even a brief chat or quick email would make a difference to you…

Just call on 01234 589848 or you can also contact us by email

At Last An ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Free Life Is Attainable

So, how long does the treatment take and, more importantly, how much does it cost?

As you can imagine, every case is going to be different. Some patients will have many more pathogens involved in their ME/CFS or Fibromyalgic condition than others. Some patients will complete their treatment in as little as six months while others can take longer. But, on average, you can expect your treatment to take between six to twelve months, depending upon how long you have been dealing with your condition and how many different infections you are fighting.

The cost of your treatments will obviously depend upon how many pathogens are involved in your condition. However, at the end of your initial consultation (£88), your consultant will be able to give you a very good indication of what the overall cost of treating your condition will be.

But remember, if, in your opinion, you do not experience SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT WITHIN THREE MONTHS of starting the treatment programme, the ME Treatment Clinic guarantees to refund you all your treatment costs to date*. No Arguments, No Discussions, No Problem.

* Please note that the fee for the initial consultation is not included in the treatment guarantee.

You Have Two Choices

For the first time, in possibly a very long time, you have a real choice – to live with or without ME & CFS in your life.

There really is no reason to hesitate, the ME Treatment Programme™ is a tried and tested, safe, natural route back to full health. And, since you are guaranteed your money back if the treatment doesn’t work for you, you really have nothing to lose… and everything to gain.

Get Rid of Your ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia for Good

All the testimonials are real and the ME Treatment Clinic™ refund policy is really true, too. We will fully refund anyone that, in their opinion, feels we have not significantly helped.

What you do next is up to you – you can keep popping the pills and stuffing yourself full of unhealthy and costly drugs which, up to now, have at best, only ever given you temporary relief.

You can keep suffering from all the symptoms you know so well; the complete exhaustion, the pain, the headaches, the muscle weakness, the joint aches, not being able to focus or concentrate on anything, the constant use of medications (many of which have unwanted side-effects and the danger of addiction) which never seem to work…

But, why would you want to continue to put yourself through that? Here’s your chance to get rid of your condition for good…

Reclaim Your Life Now

Remember, if for some reason the “ME Treatment Programme” doesn’t work for you — you won’t be out one penny. Because we don’t want your money if the treatment doesn’t work for you — so you’ll get your money back.

Now is the time for you to reclaim your life; to stop living in that “in-between place” always worried when the next attack will be; missing out on a normal life, unable to enjoy normal things. Not going out because you are worried your symptoms will flare up and embarrass you. Not eating properly, not sleeping and not living your life because the drugs you have been prescribed just don’t work.

Take that first step to full recovery and reclaim your life…
now while it’s on your mind.


Call the ME Treatment Clinic on: 01234 589848